Linius facade cladding

Choosing Linius facade cladding, means choosing a restrained and refined look with a pronounced horizontal emphasis. Doors and gates can be seamlessly integrated in the facade and our patented finger protection for sectional doors prevents small fingers from getting trapped. Linius offers a total solution that is characterized by impeccable quality, functionality and durability. This makes Linius a sought-after product. It offers an endless number of possibilities and adds unmistakable aesthetic value. Furthermore, you can choose the color that matches your home.

Sleek and versatile

Linus is not only the right product for the designer cladding of your facade – the profiles are also perfectly suited for highlighting walls in interiors, and for making spaces appear larger. This is certainly the case if you continue the wall from the inside to the outside with Linius.

You can also opt to integrate Linius in your patio cover as a wall. By repeating the same style of the facade in your patio cover in your carport, you create a stylish look that runs right through your garden.

Linius façade cladding
With the Linius horizontal façade cladding, you give your façade a uniform appearance. The façade cladding can also be continued effortlessly on doors, sectional doors and tilting doors. This design façade cladding is also an excellent solution for a surprising accent wall in your interior.
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