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Why choose Renson Outdoor?

Renson Outdoor is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in outdoor living concepts. All patio covers, carports, facade elements and garden elements blend in with the same look & feel and are characterized by their durability, comfort and supreme quality. Renson excels at constant innovation which makes its garden concepts the world’s top products for outdoor living. This means that when you choose Renson Outdoor, you are choosing a top-quality design that you can continue all around your home. In this way, you can create the ideal atmosphere so that you can enjoy life outdoors all year round.

Top quality and design
Renson is the European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor sun protection, and outdoor products. Our high-quality products are manufactured in-house using our ultramodern production facilities. We put our products through their paces in the most extreme situations to ensure the end result is flawless. This testing process means our customers can rest assured they’re investing in the highest quality. With our network of well-trained Ambassadors, we can guarantee a flawless service, installation and aftercare experience. Our professional approach extends to every aspect of our business.
Minimalist design
Our products are highly innovative in both their look and design. Seamless integration of optional elements, hidden fixation parts, durable materials, and smart solutions combine into a perfectly finished product that can be integrated into every type of home.
Endless customisation options
With our modular product design and countless integrated options, we can offer you the perfect custom solution. Custom screens, a wide choice of colours, sliding panels in various designs, glass walls, heating, and music are just a few of the options that allow you to create a unique personal solution.
Ultimate ease of use and maintenance
Our products are not only designed to be easy to use, but also to retain their characteristics for many years, day in and day out, under all weather conditions. To ensure you can enjoy our products for years to come with as little maintenance as possible, we use materials of the highest quality and durability that are guaranteed to last.

Renson Outdoor Configurator

With the Renson Outdoor Configurator you can create  the pergola of your choice using the endless personalization options Renson offers you. Our tool gives you the option to save your design in different versions and have it sent to your personal e-mail address. In this way you can always access your own designs and take it with you when you visit an official Renson Ambassador.

Our Experts have already put together some designs in a specific look-and-feel, already configured for your convenience Discover our Design Styles here.

Do you also dream of your own little place in the garden where you can enjoy peace and quiet or good company?

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Veggie BBQ dish: Marinated vegetable skewers
- Veggie BBQ dish: Marinated vegetable skewers
A barbecue without meat? For some people, this is an absolute 'no go'. With our deliciously marinated vegetable skewers we want to convince you that the opposite is true!
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Enjoy an outdoor café feel in the water: A sunny yet sheltered spot, thanks to the Renson Camargue
- Enjoy an outdoor café feel in the water: A sunny yet sheltered spot, thanks to the Renson Camargue
Johan Ons (ONS Tuinarchitectuur) can proudly look back on a unique project in Bierbeek, Belgium. A 20-year-old backyard, including a gigantic swimming pond, was given a facelift. Sitting in the middle of the water, the residents can look out over the water’s surface from the cosy comfort of a sunken lounge. An open space sheltered from sun, wind and rain by a Camargue patio cover.
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5 Accessories for a Customized Pergola
- 5 Accessories for a Customized Pergola
When it comes to creating an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful, creating the actual structure is only half of the equation. Whether you have already constructed your ideal pergola or if you are still in the planning stages of creating a backyard oasis, considering pergola accessories is a key component to creating a customized space where you will enjoy relaxing and spending time with your family. Here are a few categories of accessories for you to consider when constructing a customized pergola.
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6 Benefits of a Pergola
- 6 Benefits of a Pergola

The pergola is a fantastic, traditional outdoor structure for residential and commercial properties. It sets the mood, creating privacy and shade, designates dining areas, and looks picturesque in gardens. As spending time outdoors in lavish settings continues its upward trend, a pergola is fitting. Install a custom, durable modern pergola to define your landscape, add a touch of luxury, or as a natural extension of your home. Check out our suggestions of how this inviting structure is a perfect backyard idea that heightens enjoyment of outdoor living.

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7 pergola ideas for 365 days of outdoor living
- 7 pergola ideas for 365 days of outdoor living

Investing in your garden and outdoor living space creates added value – for your home and for yourself. Spending time outdoors gives you breathing space, both literally and figuratively. You can enjoy your outdoor space all year long thanks to a patio cover. A pergola is the perfect place to show off your culinary skills to friends and family or even to unleash your inner party animal. Here are 7 pergola ideas to inspire you.

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