Guarantee on your aluminum patio cover

All Renson patio covers offer guaranteed quality and are custom made from aluminum. Different guarantee periods apply when your patio cover is supplied and fitted by an approved Renson dealer. The table below shows a clear overview for each type of patio cover.


  10 years * 5 years 2 years 15 years **
Camargue (Structure)      
Camargue Skye (Structure)      
Algarve (Structure)      
Algarve Canvas (Structure)      
Aero (Structure)      
Aero Skye (Structure)      
Aero Canvas (Structure)      
Lapure (Structure)      
Side infills (Fixscreen, Loggia, curtains, glass sliding panels, fixed walls)      
Automation and comfort features (heating, lighting, sound, electronics…)      
Garden elements      
Special warranty terms
Motorisation and controls      
Somfy and Renson motors      
Colour and shine       ***
Paint coating ****      
Fibreglass, polyester & acrylic fabrics   *****    
5 years on mechanical moving components installed in sandy environments
Subject to registration and annual maintenance with the Renson maintenance set
5-year standard warranty / 15-year provided registration of extended warranty and annual maintenance with the Renson Maintenance Set. The extended warranty is not valid in coastal areas or areas with heavy pollution and not valid on wood design, aluminium castings and mounting brackets.
Areas < 500 m from the coast: 5-year warranty on paint adhesion.
Rippling typical of polyester fabrics is not covered by the warranty.


This guarantee only applies to defects that occur under standard usage and climatological conditions and when the patio cover is maintained normally. All you need to do is show that the defects in your aluminum patio cover were caused by a defect in the material, construction or manufacture.

Did you spot a defect? Notify your Renson dealer within 2 months of discovery. Always have repairs carried out by your approved dealer and rely on the quality of Renson’s aluminum components.

Guarantee on your aluminum patio cover

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