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Speak of the (Red) Devils…

Speak of the (Red) Devils…

Interview with Manu Karagiannis, ex-Red Devil..

Today’s B-Day for Belgium in the World Cup. The Red Devils, the Belgian national football team, meet their strongest opponent so far: Brazil. We visited ex-Red Devil, Manu Karagiannis, for an interview. Right under his Renson Camargue patio cover – protected against the hot summer sun - we asked him about the chances of the Belgian team and what he thought of his terrace covering.

Renson: In your opinion, what are the chances of the Red Devils on the World Cup?
Karagiannis: : I think that the Red Devils have a fair shot of becoming World Champion. Really, I think it’s possible. But to me Belgium’s the underdog – together with England. The teams that have the biggest chances are France, Uruguay and Brazil. Definitely Brazil. I’ve seen them grow with each game. But if Belgium’s good, it won’t be a walk in the park for Neymar and co. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be exciting!


“I think a 3-2 win for Brazil. But, I really hope that I’m wrong!”

Renson: As a Greek Belgian, do you think it’s a pity that Greece isn’t in the World Cup?
Karagiannis: Actually – and I get this question a lot – I consider myself as a Belgian. My parents are Greek, but I was born and raised here. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a lot of sympathy for the Greek national team, they’re good. But I don’t know any Greek players personally. So, I only take the Red Devils to heart!

Renson: Do you dare to make a prognosis of the game?
Karagiannis: Sure, I think a 3-2 victory for Brazil. But, I really hope that I’m wrong! I really hope that Belgium wins, that’d be phenomenal.

Renson: Another reason we do this interview with you, is because you have a Renson Camargue patio cover. So why did you decide to install a canopy in your garden?
Karagiannis: To me, my terrace covering is the perfect place to relax. I’ve installed a TV underneath it. It’s just amazing to watch football outdoors. The design of my patio covering also fits my garden perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven.


Renson:So I assume you’re happy with it?
Karagiannis: Absolutely! I use my canopy a lot. Now that summer’s in town, it’s just amazing to be outside. I also used it in spring and even in the winter I’ve been outside a couple of times. Thanks to the Renson heat & sound beam, which is installed in the terrace cover, you don’t feel the cold at all. I’m also very happy of the service of Renson and my installer, Mobisol. They did a great job!


“My patio cover is the perfect place to relax”

Renson: Would you recommend our terrace covers to other people, like your friends e.g.?
Karagiannis: It’s really a design product, very beautiful and sleek. Like I said, it really fits my garden. The modern, minimalist look was the first thing that caught my eye. Another reason that makes the product interesting, is its quality. A Camargue is pricy, that’s true, but you get high quality. It’s a durable product that lasts. Oh, yes, I should also mention that it’s easy to maintain.

Renson: We’re happy to hear this. Thank you for the great conversation! And fingers crossed for the Red Devils!

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