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New build houses and Renson Linarte façade cladding, a match made in heaven.


Katrien and Bram resolutely decided on a modern home in Ostend. They deliberately choose a limited palette of materials to emphasise the sleek character of their house.

The house has rough white façade plastering that contrasts with the Linarte black vertical façade cladding, resulting in a visually balanced appearance. Different Linarte profiles were used to give the entrance a playful touch.

According to the occupants, one of the advantages of Linarte is that it allows different elements to be integrated into the house. For example, the garden shed of Bram and Katrien is an integral part of the house. The Renson Linarte ensures that both seamlessly flow into each other.

And, there’s more. Even the letter box, power sockets, and the ventilation in the cellar were integrated discretely into the Linarte. This results in one sleek whole without any distracting separate visual elements.