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Having breakfast outside: this is how you create a magical place

Luxury in 2019? That means taking time to relax and savour life. Creating unforgettable moments, together with your family or friends. During a generous breakfast or a deliciously long lunch, around a beautifully set table. With the Renson terrace canopies, you can even eat outside throughout the year. These tips will help you to please all your senses, and make it a delightful experience.

  1. Indoors and outdoors.

    The weather is changeable, but you’d still prefer to be outside? With the right terrace canopy, you can create an additional space outside, which you can make windproof with windows or windscreens. The freedom and the view of being outside, but the warmth of being inside. You can enjoy the view and nature, together with your partner or by yourself, while enjoying a croissant inside.

  2. Green is good for you

    Green brings cosiness and well-being. NASA scientists demonstrated that plants purify the air and are important in the home. But that’s not the only reason why having more plants on your terrace is good. Plants like camomile or lavender have a calming effect and are a feast for the eyes. How about a beautiful, lavender-coloured ceramic service combined with a lavender plant? Everything you need to enjoy that cup of tea, the song of the birds and the wonderful surroundings.

  3. Eye-catching regional products

    Regional products are prepared in a traditional manner, and are often tastier than supermarket products. You also support the local economy when buying local. How about pancakes with Liège syrup, Antwerp ‘handjes’ with your coffee or farm milk from the Westhoek region? Honest enjoyment.

  4. Relax with the help of water

    Water can greatly help you to relax, and make you feel as if you are at an idyllic holiday destination. Is there no pond in your garden, or a lake nearby? With a water feature under your terrace canopy, you can create that blissful feeling in no time.

  5. Colours and scents

    Play around with materials and colours to create the atmosphere you want. Colours have an impact on your emotions. The effect of yellow and orange is playful and cheerful, while black exudes timeless class and elegance. You can create a very special atmosphere by playing around with different colours in your outdoor decoration and furnishing. Do you prefer neutral tones? Then you can introduce colour with easily changeable accents, such as vases, napkins and flowers. In addition to colours, scents also play a crucial role: they evoke memories and emotions, and can also stimulate appetite.