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spring cleaning garden
Spring is in the air! Is your garden ready for the new season? If not, this checklist will help you get the spring cleaning in your garden done in no time. (...) Read more
customized patio cover
Are you looking for a patio cover to take your outdoor space to a higher level? A customized patio roof offers plenty of possibilities. (...) Read more
how to organize a garden party
Organizing a garden party may seem like quite a task, but take it step by step and you’ll see everything will fall into place. (...) Read more
patio design inspiration
Turning your new patio into a success story? It all starts with a generous portion of inspiration. Read here where you can find your ideas. (...) Read more
landscaping checklist
Do you want to work on creating your dream garden? Talk to a garden designer. But not without first making a checklist with the most important requirements for the landscaping. (...) Read more
landscaping ideas for personal garden style
The grass is always greener on the other side, but when it comes to gardens, you are especially drawn to your own patch of land. This is how you begin to design your dream garden. (...) Read more
destress in the garden
Slowing down after a busy day is not always evident. Could you use some tips to destress? These zen tips will help you to relax, at home and in the garden. (...) Read more
RGB garden lighting
Looking for attractive lighting for your garden room or terrace cover? Then you should certainly consider LED lighting. It is economical and can be seamlessly integrated in your terrace cover. And thanks to RGB technology you can change the colour at any time! (...) Read more