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front garden patio cover
Most people have their patio cover put up in the back garden. But that doesn’t mean you have to! Having your patio cover attached to the side of your home or installed in the front garden can be just as smart a move! Can’t wait to get started? Don’t forget to keep the following tips in mind. (...) Read more
aluminium patio cover
Did you know most patio covers are made of aluminium? And rightly so, because aluminium patio covers are sturdy, maintenance-friendly, and come in a wide variety of styles. Not sure whether an aluminium patio cover is the best choice for you? Read on to discover all the advantages. Prepare to be amazed! (...) Read more
patio cover colour
A patio cover can be – should be! – a real eye-catcher in the garden. So, naturally, you want your patio cover to suit the colour of your home perfectly. Not sure which colour is right for your patio cover? Take these tips to heart to pick the perfect colour in a flash! (...) Read more
windproof patio cover
Do you sometimes worry about your patio cover getting damaged by storm or heavy rain? And then go check just to make sure it’s still there? There’s no need to if your patio cover is a Renson. All Renson patio covers are specially made to withstand violent storms. Read all about it here! (...) Read more
custom patio cover ideas
If the garden of your dreams involves a custom patio cover, you have lots of decisions to make. There are, after all, numerous optional features and accessories to give your outdoor space that personal touch you’re looking for. How about adding an integrated sound system, for instance? Or elegant sliding panels? Continue reading to explore your options at a glance. (...) Read more
outdoor fireplace
Adding a fireplace to your patio is the perfect means to bring the indoors outdoors (and vice versa). An outdoor fireplace instantly makes your patio look and feel extra warm and cosy – perfect for kicking back at the end of the work day. (...) Read more
patio maintenance winter
The winter season can be rough on your patio. Below-zero temperatures don’t do your patio tiles any good, not to mention the detrimental effect winter rain can have on your patio furniture. If you want to be sure your patio will still look stunning when summer comes along, now is the time to make it winter-proof. Which, fortunately, doesn’t have to be difficult. (...) Read more
Scandinavian style patio cover
Scandinavian style is more popular than ever. And rightly so, because the typically sleek design and use of natural materials are perfect to give your home a fresh look without appearing cold. And did you know you can even incorporate that stunning Scandinavian style into your garden? All it takes is a patio cover with the following features … (...) Read more