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Did you know that there’s absolutely no need to miss out on barbecue fun during the winter months? Check our tips for hosting a successful winter barbecue! (...) Read more
outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting makes all the difference when it comes to creating magical moments in the garden – be it on summer evenings, rainy autumn afternoons or lovely spring nights. But which garden or patio lights to choose? Don’t worry: with these three pointers, you simply can’t go wrong. (...) Read more
wellness in the garden
Nothing beats winding down in the comfort of your own home. Yes, spending a day at the spa can be heavenly, but deep down we all dream of kicking back in our very own hot tub or sauna. Preferably one that is located in our own little green sanctuary, of course. Because there’s nothing quite like relaxing and enjoying that blissful Zen feeling of wellness in your garden. (...) Read more
Garden ready for winter
The winter season is a winding down time in the garden, provided you take the time to get your garden winter ready when autumn is coming to its end. (...) Read more
A garden room that's warm and dry
Do you love spending time in the garden? Then June to September is probably your favourite time of the year. Why not try and extend that lovely period? Thanks to your very own garden room you can enjoy some family time and me time in your garden even in the fall. (...) Read more
A beautifully designed house – a cube-shaped house with a green roof or a handsome seventies bungalow – simply can’t do without a statement garden. But designing a minimalist garden doesn’t mean you can put in a minimum of effort. To help you out, we offer some expert tips, based on the latest trends in gardening. (...) Read more
Patio cover, veranda or pergola?
Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is the newest trend in construction and interior design. By bringing the outside in and by adding a homely touch to your outdoor living areas, you can make the most of the space you have and create inviting outdoor spaces you just don’t want to leave. Imagine the comfort of your couch, and add some lovely greenery, plenty of fresh air and a stunning view into the mix. Sounds like just the ticket, right? (...) Read more
New models of Renson Loggia sliding panels
Loggia sliding panels are the ideal accessory to give your terrace covering a personal touch. They don't only ensure protection on the terrace against wind and sun, but being equipped with tiltable blades they also create additional privacy. A number of new Loggia sliding panel models will provide a suitable design for almost any style and every setting. (...) Read more