No vacation plans yet?

Does it look like you won’t be able to travel at all this summer or that your trip abroad could be can-celed? Renson offers you a unique alternative with a 2500 USD cash discount on a Camargue or Camargue Skye pergola, which compensates the value of a full vacation. Enjoy a magical summer at home!

How? By turning your own home into a real holiday resort! With a Renson Camargue pergola, you will enjoy relaxing, cooking, and working outdoors all summer, in any weather conditions. ‘Vacation at home', ‘staycation’, … whatever: you’ll have a summer you’ll never forget. Discover your discount, get your Renson Camargue or Camargue Skye now and prepare for an incredible summer holiday at home.

*The Staycation discount applies for orders of standard configurations from 14.400$ and plus.

See your canopy system in Augmented Reality on your patio

Use our Augmented Reality online tool to see a virtual version of your customized pergola in your backyard, on your patio or attached to your house. This gives you a realistic idea of what it would look like.

Configure your pergola›
Warning: it can take up to 30sec to load.

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*This promotion is only valid from 15/05/2020 to 30/06/2020.