Create a refined overall look thanks to matching outdoor elements

Linarte outdoor elements give your home and garden a uniform look and feel. Would you like to combine your freestanding wall along your drive with siding in the same design? Or do you want an aluminum bench or planter box trough with matching lighting for your garden? Our complete range of outdoor elements means you can choose how far you continue the Linarte design. Even mailboxes or package drop boxes fit nicely in the design!

The vertical interplay of lines of the Linarte outdoor elements give your garden a sleek look. You can opt for 2 different profiles in 20 RAL colors that you can combine to your heart’s content for a unique structure.

eSafe package drop mailbox

  • Made from stainless aluminium
  • Tested by Bpost
  • Absorbs impact
  • High-quality architectural textured coating
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Linarte Outdoor Light

  • Uniform Linarte design throughout your garden
  • Version with 1 or 2 lamps, or with a power socket
  • Available in 2 heights
  • Renson standard RAL colors
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Linarte Modulo

  • Uniform Linarte design throughout your garden
  • Aluminum bench or planter box with ash
  • Maintenance-friendly and weatherproof
  • Modular, customizable
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Linarte wall

  • Uniform Linarte design throughout your garden
  • Free-standing wall with Linarte profiles and/or Canvas
  • Maintenance-friendly and weatherproof
  • Can be personalized with wood or LED
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Additional information

Designer lines

Linarte designer line

Add a new dimension throughout your home and garden with the trendsetting Linarte design. The vertical lines guarantee a minimalist and sleek look and it can be personalized to suit your taste. Available as an interior finish, facade cladding, freestanding wall, lighting and bench or planter boxes so that you can continue the same uniform style throughout your home and garden with our Outdoor Concept.

Linius designer line

The Linius design line is exceptionally suited for all styles of buildings. Opting for Linius facade cladding means opting for an eye-catching facade that lets you emphasize the horizontal lines of your home. The high-quality aluminum profiles give your facade a sophisticated appearance and a low maintenance finish. You can incorporate a Linius wall in your patio cover to continue the design in your garden.