eSafe package drop mailbox: your orders always safely delivered!

Sitting at home waiting for your packages or going back and forth to post boxes and collection points are a thing of the past for good thanks to a special package drop box. Couriers can safely deliver your order and return shipments are even possible using the eSafe package drop mailbox! You can choose from a standard package drop box, or for a two-in-one model, that is combined with a classic mailbox. The aluminum mailbox is always finished in a rustproof textured paint in the RAL color of your choice. The sleek design of this package drop mailbox always blends in nicely with your home.

The package drop mailboxes have good security features. You can opt for a model with a handy drop flap that allows packages to softly fall to the bottom of the box once the lid is closed. This type of package drop box can only be opened with a key. If you choose the version with the combination lock, you provide your code to the courier via the online order so that your package can be delivered. In this way it is also possible to have packages collected back from your package drop mailbox.

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Technical specifications

  Fenix Top Small Fenix Top Medium Fenix Top Large
Breadth 5.90” 7.87” 14.17”
Depth 15.75” 15.75” 15.75”
Height 48.82” 48.82” 48.82”
Max package size 14.76” x 11.61” x 3.94” 14.76” x 11.61” x 5.90” 13.39” x 11.02” x 6.50”
Separate letter opening flap No No Yes: 13” x 1.65”
Colors All RAL colors All RAL colors All RAL colors
Add house number Yes Yes Yes

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