Idyllic Garden takes you on a walk through the garden.

Sober greys and subtle greens inspired by plants give this style a contemporary look and ensure you can relax surrounded by nature.

The matt green of olive leaves, the nuanced sand colour of travertine, the lively texture of linen: the atmosphere of Idyllic Garden comes from a careful selection of natural materials. An elegant, airy character with a Southern European touch is the result. With its predominantly cool grey colours, Idyllic Garden offers refreshment and a timeless look.

We took inspiration from the land of dolce far niente for the colours and materials of Idyllic Garden: Italy. The Italians know all about enjoying themselves in an elegant setting. No wonder this style is ideal for those who like to relax in their garden.

Green is the colour for which the human eye recognises the most variations. Moreover, green has a relaxing effect. This is why we selected a varied palette of harmonious green tones for Idyllic Garden.