Earth Oasis lets you imagine yourself on vacation, anytime

The warm earth tones evoke the feeling of summer. Natural and artisan materials connect you to the richness of the earth. They ensure perfect harmony between the inside and outside

The warm colours and materials associated with the south were our inspiration for Earth Oasis. The subtle soft orange-pink of terracotta, and the powdery brown of spice were some of our references in compiling this palette. This richness of hues will transport you to faraway sun-drenched regions.

Nature offers endless inspiration. We used the matte reddish-brown texture of almonds as one of our starting points for the colours and finishes in this style.

Terracotta literally means “baked earth”. It has been used for vases and pitchers for centuries. The colour of this material is fashionable again, and is charming with its natural, artisan look.