Nature and architecture can go hand in hand.

At Renson, we love the outdoors. Barbecuing with friends, relaxing in the sun, or taking some time out for yourself with an aperitif: it is choosing quality of life. To further improve the experience of outdoor living, we at Renson create outdoor architecture that is not only functional but also aesthetic. Our outdoor concepts are a perfect match for your home and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Naturally, we guarantee the highest quality standards. We do this by having our products tested and certified according to the strictest standards. For this, we make use of patented technology, among other things, but it is mainly our many years of experience that makes us unique. After all, Renson has been a family business since 1909. Few can make that claim.

But we go a step further than quality. We also believe your freedom of choice is of paramount importance. Our products are fully customisable, so you are sure to find your style within our range. What if you’re not quite sure what you want? There are a number of style ideas in this brochure to inspire you. Each style has the materials and colours perfectly matched to make a perfect whole. This means you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space in the best way possible, year after year.