Warranty on your aluminum carport

All Renson carports offer guaranteed quality and are custom made from aluminum. The following guarantee periods apply when your carport is supplied and fitted by an approved Renson dealer:

  • 7 years supporting structure of your carport;

  • 2 years motorization and electronic control;

  • 5 years color and shine of the paintwork (does not apply to cast aluminum parts and base mounts);

  • 10 years adhesion van de lak (geldt niet op aluminium gietstukken en montagevoeten);

  • 5 years Fixscreen technology: zip remains in the zip guide + optimum attachment of the zip to the canvas;

  • 2 years Crystal panels that act as a window.

This guarantee only applies to defects that occur under standard usage and climatological conditions and when the carport is maintained normally. All you need to do is show that the defects in your aluminum carport were caused by a defect in the material, construction or manufacture.

Did you spot a defect? Notify your Renson dealer within 2 months of discovery. Always have repairs carried out by your approved dealer and rely on the quality of Renson’s aluminum components.