Clean your carport every year

The weather and wind mean that your carport has to withstand a lot. To prolong the lifespan, regular maintenance is recommended (once to twice a year). You get the best results when you clean your carport with the Renson Maintenance Set. The intense colors remain intact and the aluminum structure of the carport is protected against acid rain, sea air and UV radiation. Did you know that you if carry out maintenance every year you can benefit from our extended paintwork guarantee?

How to clean your carport with the Renson Maintenance Set In the first stage, start your carport cleaning with Renson Clean to effortlessly remove dirt such as dust, grease or moss from the aluminum structure and screens. Renson Clean is a concentrated product that lasts ten times longer than other ready-made products on the market for cleaning aluminum profiles. Then apply the protective layer with Renson Protect so that your carport continues to shine year after year!

Extended paintwork guarantee for up to 15 years

Register your aluminum carport now to enjoy the extended paintwork guarantee!

If you can show that your registered carport was cleaned and protected each year with the Renson Maintenance Set, you will receive a paintwork guarantee of up to 15 years for the color and shine of your carport.