How to Best Utilize Funds from the Restaurant Act to Improve Your Business’s Profitability

Throughout the global health crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has been required to adapt and make the best of the situation over the past year and a half. In particular, restaurants and small businesses have struggled to stay afloat and adapt to the social and political climate of the day.

Throughout these unprecedented times, Washington has made efforts to support the people and business through this time with various means of financial support including stimulus payments to families, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP loans), and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF).

What is the Restaurant Revitalization Act (RRF)?

According to the National Restaurant Association, in addition to PPP loans, the RRF, also known at the Restaurant Act, means that, “An eligible business may receive a tax-free federal grant equal to the amount of its pandemic-related revenue loss, calculated by subtracting its 2020 gross receipts from its 2019 gross receipts.”

In addition to PPP loans, qualified restaurants can utilize these funds for necessary expenses like payroll and benefits. Additionally, it can also be used for improvements that increase safety measures at their location, such as construction for additional outdoor seating and dining spaces to accommodate more patrons during the summer and winter months.

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Utilizing RRF Funds to Maximize Profitability for the Coming Year

Using these funds to improve the outdoor resources for your restaurant will enable you to capitalize on the opportunities for accommodating patrons and increasing profit while strict social distancing and safety measures are being enforced.

Additionally, in the long run, adding more convenient and comfortable outdoor seating for use across multiple seasons will serve your business well once we have returned to full capacity and business as usual.

Don’t Be Too Hasty With Temporary Structures

Seeing the RRF as a long term opportunity rather than a short term solution is key to making the best of the current situation.

Rather than constructing hasty, ugly structures that serve your business only in the midst of the current global crisis, investing in some long term structures will not only look beautiful today, but serve your restaurant well for many years to come.

Outdoor Seating Solutions: Summertime

For outdoor seating during the summertime, the focus should be on shade and protection from the occasional downpour of rain. Depending on the location of your restaurant, you may need more or less of this type of coverage for the patrons of your restaurant.

Both of these problems can be elegantly solved with the addition of a modern aluminum pergola to your outdoor space. Offering full or partial shade and the option for retractable protection from the rain, a pergola is the ideal summer solution. Additionally, adding zipshades to your pergola can protect from bugs during the warmer months, letting your customers dine in peace while still enjoying the view.

These retractable awnings or louvered roofs can be controlled manually via remote control or rain sensors to automatically close when the rain begins to fall. Completely customizable with fans, screens, and sliding glass walls, our Pergolas can offer an elegant solution for adding safe outdoor seating to your restaurant.

Outdoor Seating Solutions: Wintertime

While it is still unclear what the conditions will be when next winter rolls around, it only makes sense to prepare the outdoor seating at your restaurant to entertain patrons no matter the weather or social climate of the season.

In addition to all of the summer features with shades and awnings that are available, winter accessories such as heaters and additional siding are available. Our systems are Miami-Dade certified and built to resist harsh weather conditions with runoffs for rain and snow melt and the louvered roofs are built to withstand heavy snow.
The ability to offer an outdoor space throughout multiple seasons can only benefit your business over the years ahead, come what may.

Making the Best of the Situation

Here at Renson Outdoor, we believe in creating outdoor spaces that are inviting, comfortable, and practical. We understand how a beautiful environment can completely transform a customer’s experience and encourage them to return again and again.

We see the Restaurant Act as it was intended to be: a light at the end of a long dark tunnel that can help to pull your business through these difficult times and into a better, brighter future in the long term.

With a warranty of up to 10 years, we expect to build your restaurant a product that will far outlast the current climate of the day. We hope that you take this opportunity presented by the Restaurant Act to improve your outdoor spaces and the long term health of your restaurant.

Despite the terrible hit that restaurants have taken since the onset of lockdowns and restrictions in March 2020, we look forward to helping restaurants see this challenge through and helping them to emerge on the other side even stronger than before.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about improving the outdoor space at your restaurant. Feel free to reach out or connect with your local Sales Director today for more information or to schedule a meeting.

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