Rediscover the possibilities of your backyard and patio thanks to the Renson Aero Skye

Who wouldn’t want to be able to live outdoors all year long? Adding a Renson patio cover to your home is easy and will create a comfortable and luxurious outdoor space. Whether you want to enjoy your garden in comfort on a hot summer day or during a grey autumn day, the sliding Renson Aero Skye gives you all the flexibility you need at home. This unique bladed roof can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures, giving you the feeling that it is an integral and inseparable part of your home.

Flexible outdoor living: Renson Aero Skye

Whatever the weather or season, you can go outside to get some fresh air whenever you like thanks to the Renson Aero Skye. You can enjoy your garden in comfort and luxury without the weather throwing a spanner in the works. The Aero Skye is a patio cover with louvred roof that ensures you are protected from both sun and rain. The blades tilt so you can play with the amount of light that enters. Moreover, the blades can also slide open completely so you can enjoy the wonderful sun on your patio on a beautiful day. But what if it is raining or drizzling? Close the blades and you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug! 

The corresponding heat & soundbeam is the icing on the proverbial outdoor cake. If the temperature starts to drop, or the wind gets a little chilly, the heater ensures you don’t get cold. And if you’d like to sit on the patio in mid-November, yet pretend it’s May? It’s perfectly possible in your own garden, under your own patio cover.
And that’s not all. We’ve gone all out to make the proverbial icing and cherry on this cake even better! The Renson Aero Skye is fully controllable via your smartphone. Install the Renson app, and you can open, close, and tilt the blades to your heart’s content. So when you demonstrate your bladed roof to friends, you will undoubtedly be the star of the evening ;)


A garden room, added value for your home

More than a simple, four-legged patio cover, this is an integrated bladed roof that adds real value to your home. You are essentially creating a garden room that adds extra living space, which is also how the owners of the project below see this. They spend a lot of time outside. Before they knew about Renson, they’d been on a long search for ways to enjoy their beautiful garden more and in a better way.

While travelling in Spain, they stayed in a holiday home that had a patio with a bladed roof. Because they loved the concept so much, they started looking for a similar solution for their home. However, it was not an easy search because one of their most important conditions was that the blades had to be completely hidden when the roof was slid open. The owners then contacted our Ambassador, P&G Metaalwerken, which, in consultation with the architect, recommended the Renson Aero Skye to them. 

The Aero Skye turned out to be perfectly built-in, which means the blades were completely concealed in the roof extension when the roof was opened. As a result, there were no annoying visual elements visible, and the patio cover blends seamlessly into their home.

Satisfied with their louvred roof

The owners are very satisfied with the end result: “We highly recommend the Aero Skye. We will now be able to enjoy being outside more often.” Thanks to the flexibility of the Renson Aero Skye, they can enjoy the wonderfully fresh outdoor air every day. During the summer, they have breakfast under a beautiful blue sky, warming up in the wonderful morning sun thanks to the bladed roof. However, if it starts to get too hot, they don’t have to overheat; they simply close the blades. You can also often find them outside on colder or rainy days. The heating system and the ability to close the blades means they can live outside, all day long.


Rediscover your garden thanks to a Renson patio cover

Do you have the feeling you are not using your garden and patio to the fullest? A Renson patio cover may be the solution you need. View the Renson Aero Skye and our other aluminium patio covers. We have a suitable solution for every home. Only a Renson patio cover allows you to really discover all the possibilities of your garden. Would you like to find out more?

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