14 Pergola Ideas for your backyard, patio or deck

The past couple of years has led us to rethink our living spaces. Expanding them to the outdoors has been more popular than ever. Yet creating an outdoor living space is more than just adding a pergola into your backyard, patio or deck. As this new living space will function as a family gathering, entertaining room or simply a place to relax, you also need to assess your needs for lighting, privacy and other accessories. Here are some pergola ideas to inspire you. 


Modern Pergola Lighting Ideas

Create a stunning custom pergola by focusing on installing attractive, quality lighting. Change the look and feel of your pergola with ethereal fairy lights, globe lights, or cascading lighting. Take advantage of solar energy by installing solar panels on the roof to power built-in LED lights. Go for a more rustic and romantic look and hang colorful string lighting or lanterns.
A pergola with fire pit placed at the center of one side of a pergola creates a warm glow under a pergola, heating, and cooking opportunities. Make an outdoor pergola a desirable place to gather with friends and family using timed lights and other forms of modern pergola lighting. Transform your designer pergola into an outdoor movie theater or an alfresco dining space with custom lighting to suit the mood. Read this article and learn more about pergola lighting ideas.

Renson aluminum Pergola with led lighting ideas.

Outdoor Furniture & Accents Ideas

The right type of outdoor furniture and accent decor will elevate a contemporary pergola by leaps and bounds. Create a festive lounge space with a stylish outdoor area rug, surrounded by sturdy lounge chairs, a loveseat, and end tables. Utilize customization to create a beautiful, functional outdoor kitchen or bar and lounge for entertaining guests.
Upgrade your deck or patio pergola with designer floating flooring, and deck out the pergola with lights and curtains. Stick to a set color or theme, or embrace a more eclectic bohemian vibe under a pergola for your outdoor furniture and accessories. Add a menagerie of plants that hang off of the structure to create a bit of privacy and visual interest.

Elegant Curtains & Shades

Pergolas are a wonderful space to gather outdoors, no matter what season. When you add curtains or shades for pergola, it allows you to adjust lighting, privacy, and the overall ambiance quickly.
Tie back weatherproof outdoor curtains to let in more light and natural air. Install a fixed screen to block prying eyes, or opt for a pergola shade that drops down on command.
Pergola curtains and shades are available in canvas, vinyl and are often waterproof. Add a pergola screen to project films outdoors, or embrace the look of hanging beaded curtains, sliding doors, or privacy panels. Quickly increase the roominess of a pergola by adjusting stylish and functional doors, screens, or similar accessories as needed.

Privacy Wall Ideas

If your property has a stately looking pergola, it is sure to get plenty of attention. However, you can customize your pergola to improve privacy without sacrificing beauty.
Work with the natural trees and shrubbery surrounding a pergola to take advantage of their shade and cover. Install remote controlled sliding doors, drop panels, or privacy screens to your pergola for an intimate gathering or outdoor event.

A Renson pergola with privacy wall ideas, such as sliding doors.
Another great option is to build outdoor privacy walls on the sides of your pergola with natural plants, wood, or other construction materials. Additionally, any pergola curtains or shades can be adjusted for increased privacy, or consider adding a pergola awning. Read this article and learn more about pergola privacy wall ideas.

Pergola Roof Ideas

While some people love the look of an open or retractable pergola roof, you can also enjoy many aesthetic and practical benefits from a louvered roof or retractable pergola canopy. Take advantage of outdoor living rooms and install lightweight, waterproof pergola roof panels. Try out a durable, waterproof canvas roof, metal roof, or even a wood or ceramic top layer to cover a pergola.
Open your pergola up to the sky with a custom glass roof. Glass will still allow any precipitation to run off if it utilizes an intelligent, stylish design. When choosing a style of pergola roof, consider how it will impact lighting, provide shade, and even offer warmth and protection in cooler, inclement weather.
You may want to install solar panels on your pergola roof to power your pergola lighting or use it for your home. You could also try building a living green roof atop the pergola for cooling and visual interest.


Our patio covers will protect you against sun, wind, and rain so that you can enjoy being outdoors in every season, no matter the weather. Their durable structure, high-quality technology, and wide range of options for personalising your pergola provide all the comfort you need to spend time outdoors all year round. It’s perfectly possible to eat dinner, work out, hold a children’s party, or organise a cooking session, drinks with friends, or a party of your own. You could even go glamping for a night! Here’s some pergola ideas to inspire you:

1. Outdoor glamping

When you cannot get away from home, get away from it all with a pergola for a nifty backyard idea. A pergola is an excellent way to create a luxurious atmosphere, complete with a hammock, torches, a fire pit, and comfortable seating. Take a deep breath of fresh air and have fun roasting marshmallows, grilling camp-style meals, and basking in the best of outdoor living.
If you are looking for unique glamping ideas, install a modern pergola idea on your property. Customize your pergola with decorative mats, curtains, and surround it with plants. Hang lanterns for nighttime ambiance and repel pests with a screen or mosquito netting.
Enjoy glamping year-round under your pergola canopy when you outfit the structure with a heater and enclosure for colder weather.

2. A man cave outside

When your mates come round, do you always retreat to a musty attic? Why not upgrade your pergola to a man cave? It’s a great place to meet up with your mountain biking buddies before setting off on a long ride. Pump up your tyres, fill your water bottles, and go slogging through the mud. There’s nothing better! And when you get home, remember to grab a cool beer from the fridge.

Use your pergola as a mancave.

3. Outdoor office

Working from home is here to stay, so why not take work outdoors. Feel invigorated and inspired when working in an open-air pergola, and enjoy the sun and breeze. Add surrounding plants to your pergola outdoor home office for additional privacy and beauty. Working from an outdoor home office space helps you keep an upbeat and productive vibe.
When you need downtime, you can lounge on outdoor furniture under your pergola patio or deck. Don’t let cooler weather stop you from enjoying outdoor living while working. You can add a pergola heater or firepit alongside protective enclosures to keep you nice and toasty.

Use your pergola as an outdoor office.

4. Outdoor gym

Does your heart sink at the thought of a sweaty gym or a stuffy yoga studio? Why not have an outdoor workout in your pergola? Alone, 1-on-1, or with a group of friends. Try a BBB class, dance session, or a cooldown stretch after your run.

5. Outdoor dining

Invite a chef to cook for you! Or if you would prefer, you can grill the perfect steak on the barbecue yourself… No matter what you choose, any meal tastes better in the space and tranquility of your own garden. No restaurant patio can compete with that!
Don’t forget to include an outdoor bar or an outdoor kitchen island for a full-service kitchen space. While cooking and entertaining guests under a pergola with a canopy or retracting roof, include plush outdoor furniture, lighting, plants, and sliding doors.

6. Outdoor birthday party

A birthday party, especially for children, often makes a real mess of your house. The easiest solution by far is to organise your children’s party outdoors under your patio cover. It’ll be great to see your kids having so much fun. And there’s no need to worry about the weather forecast.

7. Outdoor party

Pick your favourite playlist and most popular cocktail recipe to turn your pergola into a party palace. The green surroundings will immediately set the right mood, while the integrated lighting – with a wide range of settings – will get the dance floor open in no time. We bet that you’ll think back to this party years later with a big smile on your face.

8. Outdoor movie theater

Skip the long lines at the movie theater and take film streaming outside in your backyard. If you are curious about at-home movie theater ideas, using a pergola for outdoor entertaining ideas brings on the fun. Imagine sitting under a pergola with a retractable roof while a custom screen sits before you.
Spending time outdoors under a pergola while watching your favorite films becomes a powerful and magical experience. Make memories that can only be had under a pergola patio, surrounded by plants and the stars shining above. Feel free to add curtains or sliding doors to adjust lighting, privacy, and comfort.

9. Pool oasis

Give your pool the grand cabana treatment with a stylish, modern pergola with a panoramic roof. Create a more inviting pool to dive into when you install a pergola over the pool for extra shade, privacy, and heightened drama. Get creative and add decorative lanterns, string lights, curtains, and hanging plants on a pergola over the pool. Install curtains and sliding doors on a poolside pergola for privacy and changing the ambiance.
Don’t forget about the possibilities for dining and entertaining outdoors under a pergola at a pool party. Add an outdoor bar, grill, lounge furniture, and outdoor patio dining poolside. When you need backyard pool ideas, think of pergola designs that will help you realize your dreams for a luxurious, desirable outdoor living space.


The time to build a custom pergola for your backyard or patio has never been more relevant. Pergolas are an airy, durable structure that pairs well with pools, gardens, and decks. Customizing a pergola with a suitable roof, sliding doors, drop screens, and outdoor furniture make it the perfect outdoor space for gathering, entertaining, and relaxing. With the many usage of a pergola, you will highly utilize this extra living space and create memories for years to come.
When looking for chic, modern pergolas and outdoor accessories, put your trust in a company with over 100 years of experience. Whether you are looking for a pergola kit, sliding doors, or a pergola with a louvered roof, you can find it all in one place. Renson Outdoor is a highly-rated retailer of pergolas and outdoor living elements that you will love for generations.

Any other pergola ideas? Would you like a patio cover so that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round? Contact a Renson distributor.

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