5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Area Usable All Year Round

With so many people having spent much more time at home over the last year, outdoor living spaces have taken on more importance than ever for homeowners. This also means people have not wanted to be restricted to only enjoying the outdoors during certain months of the year. So what do the experts in Fixr.com’s 2021 Outdoor Living Trends Report say are 5 of the most popular ways to make your outdoor living area usable all year round?

Add Outdoor Heaters to Keep You Warm

When fall comes and temperatures begin to decline, an outdoor heater is a great way to keep warm outside in your backyard. There are multiple benefits of outdoor heaters which make them a popular choice for homeowners, chosen by 54% of experts. The size of your exterior area can restrict the amount of amenities you have, but outdoor heaters are fairly small and therefore a good option for all yard sizes. Another plus point is that they are portable. Not all areas of the nation have warm temperatures during summer, and outdoor heaters can be brought out with ease when needed. Moreover, their portability means they can be easily stored away when not in use.

Achieve Style and Functionality with Fireplaces and Fire Pits

A fireplace or fire pit installed in the outdoor area of your home brings a sense of coziness and style. The attractive addition to your garden can fit the overall style and design, with options varying from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional. Bringing that ambience of the living room to your backyard makes it a more comfortable option when wanting to make the most of your outdoor space, despite cooler temperatures.

Install a Patio Roof for Year Round Gatherings

To be able to enjoy your patio whatever the weather, installing a patio cover is a great way of having a more private usable outdoor space at any time of the year, according to 48% of experts. A patio can be a focal point for families and friends to gather outside, creating a space to relax. However, when the weather changes a roof will be needed to continue being able to use the space and get protection from the elements. They can be made with various materials and styles, so homeowners can customize their patio cover.

Cook Into Fall with an Outdoor Kitchen

Limiting cook outs and grills to the summer can be avoided with the introduction of an outdoor kitchen. A huge 80% of industry experts believe outdoor spaces and pergolas are most commonly used for gatherings, and with an outdoor kitchen installed the time with family and friends spent outdoors can continue into the fall. When combined with other year-round features, such as a covered patio, al fresco dining will be something you can do even when the weather starts to turn.

Blend Outdoors and Indoors

There are many times of the year when the weather doesn’t cooperate with our plans. Blending the line between indoor and outdoor spaces means that whereas we may not be able to fully immerse ourselves outdoors, we can bring a sense of the exterior inside. Large folding and sliding doors are a great way to achieve this, and 74% of experts agree that they are the most popular when it comes to connecting the two areas. The blending of the different spaces adds a cohesive flow of style and design to all parts of the home, whatever the time of year. Even when closed, windows allow natural light in and allow for pleasant views to the backyard.

Follow the Expert Tips and Be Inspired

Keeping on top of the trends recommended by experts means you can get the most out of what your home has to offer all year round. Taking on board these 5 tips can hopefully go some way in giving you inspiration to adapt your home to your local climate, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you would like, whenever you would like. 
Author: Adam Graham
Adam Graham is a Construction Industry Analyst at Fixr.com, a website that offers home remodeling cost-guides and connects homeowners with service professionals. He analyzes and writes about the home construction industry, interior design trends and real estate.

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