These are the latest outdoor living trends of 2019

Outdoor living has gradually established itself in our lives over the past ten years. More and more people are bringing the outdoors indoors and the indoors outdoors, with a patio roof, a garden room, a contemporary pergola or a Renson pavilion.

This kind of outdoor room not only means a widening and upgrading of a home. The economic added-value of an outdoor living space is a nice side-effect of the other benefits that outdoor living offers. After all, a patio room is always bathed in a completely different, relaxed atmosphere.

Many people have discovered the advantages of a so-called ‘staycation’ during the summer months. They would rather spend quality time in their own house and garden than endure the hassle and stress of mass tourism. A foreign break often turns out to be much more pleasant in the low season. Creating your own relaxing paradise for the warm summer months offers a very pleasant alternative. And, naturally, this includes a beautifully decorated garden room!

You can see a number of pleasant outdoor living trends nowadays. Most new outdoor-room features have to do with added atmosphere. We’ve listed them below:

  1. Outdoor fireplaces: fire pits in the garden have made way for a fixed fire element in the outdoor room or under the canopy. A built-in fireplace in an outdoor ‘salon’ is the perfect way to combine the best of both worlds: the cosiness of being indoors with the freedom of the outdoors. Watching the flames under the open slats and a starry sky is pure enjoyment.
  2. Water features: a stylish water feature provides both an aesthetic relaxation point and a pleasant sound. In the evening, an illuminated waterway provides an additional visual and festive accent.
  3. Outdoor kitchen: thanks to a fitted kitchen, the host or hostess can cook outdoors, close to their table companions. The latest outdoor kitchens are not only fitted with a barbecue, but also with a grill plate, stove, pizza oven and refrigerators. And, of course, also a worktop with high stools, which is really great for aperitifs.
  4. Original lighting: it’s not only indirect light that works well in a garden room or modern gazebo. Stylish floor lamps and table lamps also create atmosphere and cosiness. A long dining table with table lamps under the open slats is really enjoyable.
  5. Wine wall: the absolute ultimate for bon vivants who like to entertain friends is an outdoor room with a wall of wine racks and wine refrigerators. For some people, this also includes a humidor, a special cupboard for cigars. Unforgettable evenings guaranteed!

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