Renson USA & National Forest Foundation

Our main mission has always been to provide sustainable solutions to help all live their healthiest life. By connecting the indoors with the outdoors, the outdoor living space become an extension of the home, where air quality is crucial to the well being of all. 

As the living space evolves, Renson is also cognizant of the air quality of this outdoor living area. We, as humans, depend on trees to purify the air for us. This is why we decided to commit to reforestation in the United States and guarantee a healthier future for you and the next generations.

Why reforestation is so important today

Reforestation is the process of regenerating or replanting forest areas that have been destroyed or damaged for the benefits of mankind. Reforestation is crucial in order to keep our planet in good health and to keep you healthy as well. Reforestation improves air quality, enhance biodiversity, restore wildlife habitats and help maintain water cycles and water quality in our environment. 
Reforestation is needed now more than ever as forests are being destroyed or damaged on a daily basis. Removal of the green cover from the surface of the earth has become common due to various reasons. Today, wildfires, invasive insects, and disease have left 1 million acres of our national forests in urgent need of tree planting. 

Partnership with the National Forest Foundation

The mission of the National Forest Foundation is to work on behalf of the American public to inspire personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands. As such, we are honored to be partnering with this organization to help us in our commitment to maintaining healthy spaces for all.

Starting 2021, Renson, as Tree Planter Partner, will commit to planting 5 trees for each structure sold in the US. This is our way to help the planet heal and to ensure our future generations will benefit from their outdoor living spaces as much as we do today. 

Renson Philanthropy

The Renson US team is extremely proud to be launching this philanthropic program. As a sustainable purpose-driven company, we are fully engaged in the survival of our beloved planet and its natural habitat. While Renson is synonymous with luxurious outdoor living experience, we also want to make sure this outdoor experience is surrounded by healthy trees and lush green spaces. 

We appreciate your support in our mission to keep America's national forests healthy.

If you want to know more about the National Forest Foundation, its mission and how you can help, click on the link below:

National Forest Foundation (

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