3 amazing advantages of aluminum patio covers

Did you know most patio covers are made of aluminium? And rightly so, because aluminium patio covers are sturdy, maintenance-friendly, and come in a wide variety of styles. Not sure whether an aluminium patio cover is the best choice for you? Read on to discover all the advantages. Prepare to be amazed!

1.Resistant to all weather conditions 

Aluminium is a particularly sturdy material. So sturdy that a patio cover made of aluminium can handle some of the toughest weather conditions. The Algarve, for example, resists winds of up to 120 kilometres per hour, while the Camargue  can handle gusts of up to 160 kilometres per hour with the louvres closed. That’s something, considering most storms only reach 100 kilometres per hour. Aluminium patio covers can even handle heavy torrents with the greatest of ease.   

2.Clean in a flash

Cleaning a Renson patio cover made of aluminium is a piece of cake. Four steps and you’re done!

1.Add a dash of Renson 'Clean' detergent to a bucket of lukewarm water.

2.Clean the profiles thoroughly with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth, and let them soak for a bit.

3.Rinse with cold water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

4.All dry? Treat the aluminium parts with Renson 'Protect' to make them extra weatherproof.

In just a few minutes, your patio cover is all clean and ready to be used again!

3.Your aluminium patio cover, your style!

Aluminium is a material that allows for endless variations, both in terms of colour and design. Renson even offers aluminium patio covers that look exactly like wood. Camargue Wooddesign has that warm natural look yet is easy to maintain because it is made of aluminium. You can even have your pick from all standard RAL colours and match the colour of your patio cover to the joinery! Browse our inspiration page to explore even more ideas.


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