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Welcome guests with the allure of a star establishment

30 April 2020
Time to relax is pure luxury. Yet most successful people have an acute lack of it: they have what is known as "time poverty" or "time famine". It is therefore important to spend the scarce leisure time very carefully.

Original ideas for turning your back garden into a paradise

01 October 2019
Are you a real outdoor person who can’t bear to be away from nature? Or perhaps you’re more of a cocooner, preferring to watch the birds and the wind playing with the leaves from the comfort of your cosy sofa? Whichever your personality, your back garden is the ultimate place to kick back and relax. So why not turn it into your own little paradise? We’ve got ideas aplenty!

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How to pick the perfect colour for your patio cover

29 April 2020

A patio cover can be – should be! – a real eye-catcher in the garden. So, naturally, you want your patio cover to suit the colour of your home perfectly. Not sure which colour is right for your patio cover? Take these tips to heart to pick the perfect colour in a flash!

Trends spotted in the world’s most beautiful penthouses

30 April 2020
Penthouses are popular. The usually generous terrace is a key factor for success. Renson’s list of trends.

How much does a patio cover cost? 3 things to bear in mind

20 August 2019
Putting a price tag on a patio cover takes a little research. After all, Renson’s patio covers are always made-to-measure and come with a wide range of optional accessories and side panels. In this article, we’ll elaborate on the different factors that make up the final price. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Practice your golf swing at home

30 April 2020
Practice makes perfect. This also applies to a perfect golf swing. You want to make the most of your time to prepare for a competition? Just practice at home. While cooking, in front of the mirror in the bathroom - you name it. But maybe you want a more serious approach? How about a virtual ‘driving range’ under your garden canopy, where you can experience the same sensations as if you were on the golf course?

Patio cover, veranda or pergola? Comparison is key!

20 August 2019
Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is the newest trend in construction and interior design. By bringing the outside in and by adding a homely touch to your outdoor living areas, you can make the most of the space you have and create inviting outdoor spaces you just don’t want to leave. Imagine the comfort of your couch, and add some lovely greenery, plenty of fresh air and a stunning view into the mix. Sounds like just the ticket, right?

Everything you need to know about detached patio covers

20 August 2019

Having a patio a bit further down in the garden and not adjacent to the house may seem a crazy idea at first. Still, more and more people opt for a detached patio complete with patio cover to get the most out of their garden while entertaining or kicking back with a good book or two.