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13 January 2022

Our company has been committed to creating healthy spaces, both indoors and outdoors. As part of this commitment, in 2021, we launched our partnership with the National Forest Foundation and pledged to plant 5 trees for every roof sold. At Renson, we are dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility in order to protect our future generations. Sustainability is crucial to improve the quality of everyone’s life and protect our fragile eco-system by making sure we reduce our impact on the environment.

5 Brilliant Pergola Lighting Ideas You Have To Try

10 January 2022

Pergolas make a wonderful space for gathering outdoors, enjoying an alfresco meal, and celebrating moments. However, no pergola is complete without the addition of lighting for aesthetic and practical purposes. Set the ideal mood with the right style of outdoor lighting.
Install light fixtures that add a touch of magic to a romantic evening or create a sense of childlike wonder for the holidays. Don’t forget to take advantage of remote control lighting, dimmable fixtures, or solar-powered lighting for a pergola too. Read on to learn about elegant pergola lighting ideas.

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4 Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas

10 January 2022

As more people embrace outdoor living, adding a pergola is increasingly popular. Pergolas provide a dynamic space to gather for celebrations, conduct productive meetings, work, exercise, and relax.
Because modern pergolas naturally attract attention, choosing pergola privacy wall ideas that fit your lifestyle and budget is essential. Shielding a pergola is vital when you want a more intimate outdoor space or want a greater level of comfort.

Project Of The Month November 2021: Luxury Teenager Lounge

07 December 2021

We are excited to highlight this month a project very on trend with today's market need. Introducing the Outdoor Teenager Lounge, the perfect place to relax with friends after school and entertain on the weekend.

14 Pergola Ideas for your backyard, patio or deck

25 October 2021

The past couple of years has led us to rethink our living spaces. Expanding them to the outdoors has been more popular than ever. Yet creating an outdoor living space is more than just adding a pergola into your backyard, patio or deck. As this new living space will function as a family gathering, entertaining room or simply a place to relax, you also need to assess your needs for lighting, privacy and other accessories. Here are some pergola ideas to inspire you. 

8 Benefits Of Having A Pergola

30 September 2021

A pergola is an excellent investment for properties of all types. Aside from naturally raising the value and adding an inviting aesthetic to a space, pergolas are versatile and durable structures. Transform a workspace or undefined area with a pergola idea outfitted with shades or doors. Expand dining space for restaurants or carve out an open lounge and bar for guests at a hotel or spa. There are so many exciting ways to interact with a pergola and use its potential to the fullest. Read on to discover the benefits of having a pergola.

Renson USA & National Forest Foundation

28 September 2021
Our main mission has always been to provide sustainable solutions to help all live their healthiest life. By connecting the indoors with the outdoors, the outdoor living space become an extension of the home, where air quality is crucial to the well being of all. 

As the living space evolves, Renson is also cognizant of the air quality of this outdoor living area. We, as humans, depend on trees to purify the air for us. This is why we decided to commit to reforestation in the United States and guarantee a healthier future for you and the next generations.

6 Ideas To Winterize Your Pergola For Optimized Outdoor Living

23 September 2021

Imagine the possibilities of inviting friends to dine outside comfortably under a lovely all-weather pergola while snow falls gently around them. Shake up the workplace with a pergola as a dynamic outdoor meeting space when outfitted with a heater and rolling shades.

Consider the memories made while enjoying conversation and lounging under a stylish pergola, no matter the season. Outdoor living doesn’t solely happen when it’s sunny and warm. Check out clever ideas to winterize pergolas that are elegant, cost-effective, and a worthwhile investment.