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Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space For Your Backyard BBQ With A Pergola

01 July 2022

Aluminum pergolas are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a functional and beautiful outdoor living space in their backyard for the perfect summer BBQ! These structures provide homeowners with a comfortable place to relax, barbecue and entertain, amidst the heat that summer brings. Aluminum pergolas are among the most durable of structures, providing not only long-term use, but also a timeless, modern look.  It’s the perfect addition to your summer backyard BBQ!

What is a Pergola?

In the traditional sense, a pergola is a roofed, open-air structure with open latticework often found in backyards or commercial entertaining spaces to create an outdoor experience that can be enjoyed even on the hottest, sunniest summer days. Because of their open-air design, they can be the perfect complement for outdoor grilling on the BBQ.

Pergolas have been popular for centuries. They were originally designed by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a way to shade their homes from the sun but have significantly evolved into becoming modernized outdoor living spaces that now, offer much more than just shade.

Some of the most common pergolas are constructed from wood or vinyl and come with a much lower price tag; however, while aluminum pergolas are a more expensive option, they bring several benefits that these other materials do not. 

The Benefits of an Aluminum Pergola

For homeowners who love to entertain, an aluminum pergola is an excellent investment. It serves as a gorgeous addition to any outdoor living space, but there is more to benefit than just beauty. Functionality, customization, and durability are elements that should be prioritized during the design process. Some benefits of an aluminum pergola include:

  • Functionality: Outside of their high-end and timeless design, aluminum pergolas offer custom solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs depending on where you live, and how you intend to utilize your outdoor living space. If you enjoy entertaining those backyard BBQs, incorporating an outdoor kitchen upgrade may be the perfect complement to your pergola.

  • Customization: Unlike wooden or vinyl pergolas, which come with limited design options, aluminum pergolas offer a variety of colors to choose from. Textured coating options mean that your aluminum pergola could be made to match your home or existing outdoor structures. The finish is powder-coated, ensuring the paint will last a lifetime without chipping or fading. Additionally, there are upgrades that aluminum pergolas offer that wooden or vinyl can’t, such as: motorized screens for extra shade, privacy curtains, louvered roof options, integrated lighting, ceiling fans, and heating solutions.

  • Durability: Aluminum pergolas are built with a sturdy metal frame and are intended to last for years. They require far less maintenance and offer protection against the nastiest of storms. Rain, snow, heat, or wind - aluminum pergolas are best when compared to any other material. Consider the weather conditions where you live when building your pergola.

What to Consider When Buying a Pergola for Your Backyard BBQ

Pergolas can be used as a place to hang out and enjoy the outdoors, or as an extension of your home. It can also be used as a place to entertain a casual summer backyard BBQ, or even host an outdoor wedding.
When purchasing a pergola for your backyard BBQ, you should consider the following:

  • The design of the pergola - Do you want something simple and basic, or do you want something more elaborate? You can choose between a free-standing or attached model that sits on top of your existing roofing or one that is anchored into the ground.  Either way, your friends won’t want to leave your BBQ after relaxing in your outdoor living space!
  • The size of the pergola - What size pergola will fit in your space? This will depend on the size of your backyard or patio area and how much space you want to cover. You should also take into account the height of your ceiling and any trees in the area before making this decision.
  • The material of the pergola - What material will best suit your needs? Vinyl and wood are cheaper, but aluminum panels last longer and provide better protection from UV rays, which can cause your vinyl coverings to fade over time.

Choosing the Right Style of Aluminum Pergola for Your Home's Design

A pergola is an architectural element that can be used for a variety of purposes. These include providing shelter from sun and rain, creating a shady spot for relaxation, conversation, or supporting climbing plants.
In the backyard, aluminum pergolas have become popular because they are light enough so that they won’t interfere with the landscaping. In addition, they are heavy enough so that they won’t blow away in the wind. They are also among the easiest to install and create the most comfortable outdoor living space for your backyard BBQ!

At Renson Outdoor, all pergolas are based on an aluminum frame, and come with countless customization options including but not limited to solar shading, LED lighting, surround-sound audio, heating elements, etc.
Elevate your outdoor living space this summer and throw the best BBQ on the block with a brand new aluminum pergola! Visit renson-outdoor.com to begin choosing the right aluminum pergola for your backyard BBQ!

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Our company has been committed to creating healthy spaces, both indoors and outdoors. As part of this commitment, in 2021, we launched our partnership with the National Forest Foundation and pledged to plant 5 trees for every roof sold. At Renson, we are dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility in order to protect our future generations. Sustainability is crucial to improve the quality of everyone’s life and protect our fragile eco-system by making sure we reduce our impact on the environment.

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10 January 2022

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