A designer side wall for your pergola

Would you like to enclose your pergola with a fixed wall in a vertical design? Well, with Renson you can! The vertical interplay of lines of the Linarte walls adds a unique touch that you can also extend across the siding or outdoor elements around your home. Linarte lets you create one or more closed side walls for your pergola. It is also equally good when used as a balustrade at a height of your preference. Ideal as a stylish edging for a patio! Whichever option you choose, the side walls are always seamlessly incorporated in the pergola. 

A Linarte wall consists of aluminum siding on one side. A robust canvas screen is attached to the other side. You can even choose which side is on the inside. This means you enclose your Camargue or Camargue Skye pergola with a wall that blends in completely with your home and style. Furthermore, you can stylishly integrate LED lighting or even wooden strips in the lines of these Linarte side walls for your pergola. The Linarte wall also nicely complements your Algarve Canvas carport.