A carport or pergola with horizontal lights

UpDown LED lights for your pergola add instant coziness. The LEDs are fitted on the inner side of the roof frame. You can choose upwards, indirect lighting or downwards direct lighting. You can also create a unique combination of these. Ideal for anyone who wants to create atmosphere and at the same time wants to read their favorite magazine. You can also effortlessly integrate the look and feel of your pergola with lighting by using this UpDown LED lighting in your carport!

You can choose warm white light (3000K) for the right ambience for your carport or aluminum pergola with lighting, or pure white light (5000K) for good visibility and reading. You can even opt for colored atmospheric lighting! It is possible to install up to two LED modules in each roof section, and you can install them on opposite sides. These high-quality LED pergola lights can be dimmed according to your preferences, so you can always create the ideal setting!

You can add the UpDown LED lights to the Camargue, Camargue Skye, Algarve, Algarve Canvas, Aero and Aero Canvas.

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