Control your pergola automatically with sensors

Automatically controlling your aluminum pergola or carport using various sensors extends the lifespan of your solar shading and enables you to considerably reduce energy consumption. A wind, rain and/or sun sensor ensures that you enjoy optimum protection in all weather conditions. The sensors work in pre-set scenarios that are always tailored to your requirements. Your pergola then responds automatically and effortlessly adjusts to the weather and the situation, even when you are not at home:
  • the wind sensor ensures that the solar shading of your pergola is automatically rolled up when the wind reaches a certain speed so that the screen is always protected against unexpected gusts of wind. The sensor will also automatically close the louvered roof of your pergola during stormy weather so that your canopy is protected.
  • the solar sensor responds to the intensity of the sun and adjusts the solar shading of the Lagune and Lapure pergolas to your preferences. In this way, you can also keep the indoor temperature under control.
  • the rain sensor automatically closes the roof of your pergola when it detects a shower.
    Tip: a rain sensor can also function as a snow sensor when it is combined with the temperature sensor that is built in as standard.