Renson Connect

Handy remote control for your motorized pergola or carport

The Somfy RTS remote control is a well-known product for wireless communication and can be used for various motorized pergolas and carports, such as the Camargue, Algarve or Lapure. The TaHoma App, which is installed by an approved Somfy fitter, even allows you to control your pergola from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Renson App then becomes the ideal way for controlling the roof and the options on your Camargue Skye using a smartphone or tablet. There is a user-friendly control system available for all our motorized pergolas.
You can control the canvas screen in your motorized pergola using the Somfy io-homecontrol. Its wireless radio communication technology makes it a breeze to adjust your pergola using the remote-control unit or app. The smart feedback function immediately shows the status of your motorized pergola. This is ideal when you need to be able to control it remotely. The communication between your systems is encrypted and so is extremely secure!