Crystal Lounge is sleek and minimalistic.

The fresh green tones create an airy feeling, which is further enhanced by the light material palette. This creates a modern, light architecture that blurs the boundaries between outside and inside.

Fresh, poetic colors underpin Crystal Lounge. The color palette varies in shades between greenish beige, aqua green and a bright green grey. Matte glass provides transparency, while refined woven structures further enhance the airy feel. The materials in this style are fluid and seamless. Nothing disturbs the harmony. In this way, the architecture of Crystal Lounge blends perfectly with the surrounding nature.

Crystal Lounge is for anyone who loves pure nature. In this style, the beauty of flora and fauna are central.

A garden room provides a similar feeling as a never-ending movie, featuring nature in the lead role. Enjoy how the sun plays between the branches, or how plants gently move with the wind.