Exactly how wind-resistant is a Renson patio cover?

Having a patio cover attached to your home sure comes in handy when it rains or if you want to create some shade in the summer. But what will happen to it on windy days? Exactly how much wind can your Renson patio cover endure? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Are all patio covers wind-resistant?

A patio cover consists of an aluminum structure and a waterproof sun protection screen. How wind-resistant it is depends on the combination of both elements.

Renson’s elegant Lapure patio cover, without front beam and with an integrated Fixscreen roof, can resist gusts of up to 100 km/h when closed. That means that under normal circumstances – with the exception of heavy storms – there’s no reason to worry.

And it gets even better. Our Lagune patio cover with a fully rolled-out Fixscreen roof is even resistant to wind gusts of up to 120 km/h. That’s a 12 Beaufort hurricane! Needless to say, this patio cover can take a beating. And just in case it doesn’t, you’re covered by your Renson warranty. Good to know: each of our Fixscreens has a UV-resistant and waterproof coating.

Tested and approved

At Renson, we continuously optimise our products to take their appearance and durability – as well as your comfort – to the highest level. To guarantee the wind resistance of our patio covers, we carry out wind tests and tests for general weather resistance. Our patio covers’ excellent performance has everything to do with Fixscreen technology, an ingenious zip system which makes the fabric windproof in every possible position. The seams equipped with symmetrical zippers on both sides ensure the entire screen is firmly contained in the zipper guides, so you can enjoy your sheltered spot on the terrace anytime you like, without worry.

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