Why choose a customized patio cover?

Are you looking for a patio cover to take your outdoor space to a higher level so you can enjoy the outdoor life more? You probably won’t settle for just any covering. A customized patio roof offers plenty of possibilities.

No two gardens are the same

patio roof or pergola offers countless opportunities to make the most of your outdoor space. What you use it for is completely up to you. Every garden is different and every user has their own needs. Some people want to barbecue on their patio every day, while others want intimacy and peace more than anything else. Or how about a covered patio play area in full view of the kitchen window? Every situation requires its own solution.

A customized patio cover: 5 important considerations

Fortunately, customization is within reach. The Renson Ambassadors skilfully guide you through the entire process. Here are a number of initial questions they might ask you:

  • What do you plan to use the covered patio for?
  • Do you prefer an attached or free-standing patio covering?
  • What would be the ideal length, width and height of the covering?
  • Would you like extra protection from too much sunlight or less favourable weather conditions, or are you looking for extra privacy?
  • What style do you prefer? The available styles range from sharp and minimalist to more traditional. In addition, you are obviously looking for a colour that is a perfect fit for your garden, facade and exterior woodwork. Finally, your style should be reflected in the finishing touches like the awning, side panels and lighting options.

Renson patio roofs: always custom-made

Renson patio roofs are always custom-made, assembled and installed. You can opt for an attached construction with two columns or a free-standing cover with four columns. You can even integrate the Algarve Roof into an existing construction. A patio cover is always wall-mounted, and has two supporting columns. A lounge patio in the backyard or a convenient patio next to the kitchen? It’s up to you.

Of course, you also have to decide on the size of the patio roof. The maximum span is 4.5 by 6 metres for an Algarve and 4.5 by 6.2 metres for a Camargue. Not big enough? You can connect several identical patio covers to each other, either lengthwise or widthwise, so that the resulting cover has exactly the right shape and size.

Furthermore, all Renson Outdoor products are available in every possible RAL-colour.

Finally, you can completely customize our patio roofs to thanks to our personalization options. Integrated lighting and audio, smart sliding walls and side panels, elegant sunscreens, patio heating … anything is possible.

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