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Do you want to discover new trends in outdoor living? Are you looking for a fun garden activity or a cool covering for your patio cover? There is no shortage of ideas on our blog! We can provide you with tips for dealing with the overwhelming number of options or we will be pleased to give you the advantages of a certain product in a nutshell. Be pleasantly surprised by life outdoors in the broadest sense!

Camargue: a stylish louvered canopy to suit any home

14 June 2021

Thanks to the Camargue you can enjoy your beautiful patio and garden whenever you like. By equipping the Camargue with screens and adding the right accessories, you create a comfortable outdoor space that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

A custom patio cover thanks to a modular system

14 June 2021

All Renson patio covers or aluminium pergolas are modular. That means that you can easily extend the patio you like, turning it into an extra-large cover for your patio or swimming pool. The benefits are manifold!

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Dreaming of a patio cover or pergola in your front garden? Why not!

14 June 2021
Most people have their patio cover or pergola put up in the back garden. But that doesn’t mean you have to! Having your patio cover attached to the side of your home or installed in the front garden can be just as smart a move! Can’t wait to get started? Don’t forget to keep the following tips in mind.

Things to compare if you want to buy a louvered pergola

14 June 2021
You can use it as a lounge area for reading or admiring your garden, as a pool house for barbecuing with friends, or for having the nicest outdoor meals with your family ... Needless to say, louvered pergolas offer endless possibilities – not to mention options for customization. Do you have your heart set on installing a louvered canopy, but are you not quite sure what to look for? Let’s compare the most important criteria!

Patio dining: let’s organise a garden get-together!

14 June 2021

If you’re a mum or dad, you have a lot on your mind. Obviously, you want to raise your child as well as you possibly can, which implies taking an interest in their hobbies, friends and, of course, setting certain boundaries. For instance, when are tablets and smartphones off-limits? How you answer that question affects the amount of quality time you get to spend with your child, which, in its turn, is another duty to add to your parenting list. Do you feel you’re not spending enough time with your family? Spring, summer and autumn are perfect seasons for organising a family get-together in the garden and enjoying a lovely meal on the patio.

Discreet luxury in your garden: the number one trends spotted at the Salone del Mobile

14 June 2021
A visit to the Salone del Mobile – the number one trade fair for interior lovers – is an inspiring immersion into the latest home trends. One thing is clear: 2019 is all about enjoyment and luxury. But in a modest, elegant, timeless and sustainable manner. With the Renson canopies, you can live ‘in luxury’ in your own garden throughout the year. The luxury of the small things, of being able to enjoy being at home in the best possible way. We are in favour!

The ideal outdoor kitchen for foodies and pleasure seekers

14 June 2021

Is your Instagram feed filled with tasty avocado salads and delicious quinoa muffins as far as the eye can see? Are you already looking forward to your next barbecue, even though it’s weeks from now? If only you had an outdoor kitchen … Then you could experience all of life’s little gourmet pleasures outdoors, but still in the comfort of your home!

10 zen tips to destress at home and in the garden

14 June 2021

Slowing down after a busy day is not always evident. Could you use some tips to destress? These zen tips will help you to relax, at home and in the garden.