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Enjoy an outdoor café feel in the water: A sunny yet sheltered spot, thanks to the Renson Camargue

20 August 2020
Johan Ons (ONS Tuinarchitectuur) can proudly look back on a unique project in Bierbeek, Belgium. A 20-year-old garden, including a gigantic swimming pond, was given a facelift. Sitting in the middle of the water, the residents can look out over the water’s surface from the cosy comfort of a sunken lounge. An open space sheltered from sun, wind and rain by a Camargue patio cover.

Turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor venue thanks to your bespoke Renson pergola

14 June 2021
Life’s a party! From weddings, to birthdays, communions or other religious celebrations, there is always a good reason to throw a party. But have you ever thought of bringing the party to your own backyard? With a bespoke Renson aluminium pergola, you can turn your very own backyard into the ultimate outdoor venue.

Whether you want to use it to host family dinners in all luxury or comfort, or whether you want to organize a party that will turn you into the talk of the town for months to come, we’ve got you 'covered'! Below you’ll discover three smashing outdoor party ideas to spark your inspiration.

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How to choose between a detached or an attached patio cover?

14 June 2021
Deciding to install a patio cover means you have your choices cut out for you. There’s the design and the colour to think about, but first and foremost you need to consider where you want your patio cover installed. Should you have the patio cover attached to your house or is a detached patio cover the better choice for you? Much depends on what you’re planning to use it for. Read on to learn more.

“Should I stay or should I go?” A Renson patio cover is the best of both worlds!

02 April 2020
You know the feeling, don’t you? That eternal winter that just goes on and on? When the beautiful spring weather arrives, that trip you booked is finally within reach. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end because before you know it, your holiday is over. But… you don’t necessarily have to go abroad to experience that wonderful holiday feeling. We can also bring this holiday feeling to you, so that it is (literally!) within reach. Moreover, our solution lasts much longer. We can extend your holiday for at least six months…

Renson patio covers: outside and yet inside

20 February 2020
Renson’s Camargue patio cover transforms a beautiful patio at the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke into an inviting lounge area that can be used in all seasons and at all temperatures.

Discover the benefits of outdoor living in the winter

19 February 2020
A recent study has shown that we’re homebodies during the winter season. More than 6 in 10 people spend less than 15 minutes outside during winter. One in 10 doesn’t spend any time at all outside during winter. The main reasons given for all the hours spent indoors were winter weather conditions and work. Unfortunately, there isn’t all that much we can do about the latter. However, thanks to our pergolas there is something that can be done about the former.

8 outdoor activities for autumn

14 June 2021
Are you going through an autumn dip? During the autumn, it’s even more important to spend enough time outside to store some extra vitamin D. Breathe in the healthy autumn air in your own garden. Is it a little chilly? The high-quality aluminium pergolas from Renson are fitted with a heating element, so you can also enjoy the autumn sun or pleasant evenings in autumn and winter. A fireplace under the canopy ensures additional cosiness.

Original ideas for turning your back garden into a paradise

14 June 2021
Are you a real outdoor person who can’t bear to be away from nature? Or perhaps you’re more of a cocooner, preferring to watch the birds and the wind playing with the leaves from the comfort of your cosy sofa? Whichever your personality, your back garden is the ultimate place to kick back and relax. So why not turn it into your own little paradise? We’ve got ideas aplenty!