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Screened-in Pergola Vs Screened Porch: The Main Difference

14 June 2021

If you are looking for ways to enhance your ability to utilize your backyard or outdoor space, there are a wide variety of structures that you might consider building to deal with the outdoor elements present in your area.

Keep Winter At Bay With A Pergola With Fireplace And TV

14 June 2021

As winter approaches for most of the country, the time for backyard barbecues and pool parties is coming to a close in many states. Even in the warmer climates though, cooler evenings and inclement weather usually mean fewer nights enjoying your outdoor space.

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Wood, Vinyl, or Aluminum: Which Pergola Is Best For You?

14 June 2021
Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can be a decision that sticks with you for a long time. When comparing wood vs vinyl vs aluminum pergolas, it is best to weigh all of the pros and cons of each before making your final decision.

What Is The Difference Between Veranda And Pergola

14 June 2021
What is the difference between a pergola and a veranda and which is right for enhancing your own yard? ​There are many kinds of outdoor structures that offer shade and protection from the elements so that you can make the most of enjoying your yard even when it is very hot or very wet outside.
Although many of the different names for these structures - such as veranda vs pergola - are used interchangeably in colloquial conversation, architecturally speking, these are two distinctly different kinds of structures.

Rediscover the possibilities of your garden and patio thanks to the Renson Aero Skye

06 October 2020
Who wouldn’t want to be able to live outdoors all year long? Adding a Renson patio cover to your home is easy and will create a comfortable and luxurious outdoor space. Whether you want to enjoy your garden in comfort on a hot summer day or during a grey autumn day, the sliding Renson Aero Skye gives you all the flexibility you need at home. This unique bladed roof can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures, giving you the feeling that it is an integral and inseparable part of your home.

Have You Thought About Adding a Pergola to Your Deck?

14 June 2021

Relaxing on your outdoor deck is a great way to enjoy your backyard. However, without adequate protection from the elements such as rain or sunshine, you aren’t able to make the most of your space during the hottest parts of the day or when inclement weather rolls around. In this article we walk you through the possibilities of adding a pergola to your deck.

The Difference Between a Pergola and a Gazebo

14 June 2021
Pergolas and gazebos are both outdoor structures that can offer shade and shelter from sunshine and rain in your backyard. Which one is right for you?

The rise of the modern garden room

14 June 2021
If we look back next year and have just one thing to take away from this strange spring and somewhat out-of-the-ordinary summer of 2020, it will probably be “It’s a shame that our trip didn’t work out, but at least we were lucky enough to have our garden”. After all, your garden offers you just as many, if not more, possibilities than a holiday. This is certainly true if you have a Renson patio cover or a modern garden room …