A pergola with a sliding canvas screen

If you want to quickly enter and leave your pergola, the Loggia Canvas ‘quick access’ feature is the solution for you! The pergolais fitted with a sliding canvas screen. This means you do not need to lift the entire screen if you have to go in to get something quickly. People who stay seated always find it pleasant too to be under one of these pergolas with a sliding canvas screen.

The Loggia Canvas quick access feature is a sliding panel consisting of an aluminum frame that is covered on one side with a fiberglass screen of your choice. Your pergola with a sliding canvas screen is not only extremely easy to use. You hardly lose any shade or shelter either when you open the Loggia Canvas quick access. You can combine this option with Fixscreen side elements, or it can act as a door on a fixed wall. 

The Loggia Canvas quick access is available for the Camargue, Camargue Skye and Lapure.