Bright lighting for your pergola

The Lineo LED bathes you in bright light from above. This LED lighting for your pergola can be incorporated into one or more roof louvers on any canopy with a louvered roof: Camargue, Algarve or Aero. Choose a warm white light (3000 K) for a pleasantly cozy atmosphere or opt for pure, functional white light (5000 K). The latter option is ideal for anyone who wants to switch on the pergola lighting at night to read an exciting book from cover to cover.

Since the Lineo LED lighting for your pergola is integrated in the actual louver, you can depend on extremely even light distribution. The high-quality LEDs are positioned along the entire length of the canopy, without any visible points. Furthermore, you can dim the light at any moment to your preferred intensity so this lighting for your pergola also offers you the ideal level of lighting!