Translucent louvers made from glass

Would you like daylight to enter through your pergola even when the louvered roof is closed? If so, choose one of the various Lineo Luce translucent louvers on the roof of your Camargue, Algarve or Aero pergola. These let you create a more open feeling. The translucent louvers are made from high-quality glass and are perfectly integrated in the louvered roof of your pergola.

To adjust the translucency of this pergola to your preferences, you can incorporate between one and five translucent louvers in each roof section. They can be positioned next to each other or distributed among the other louvers. In this way, you get maximum enjoyment from the natural daylight under your pergola. When the pergola is attached to your house it also means you do not miss out on natural daylight inside your house either, even when the louvered roof is closed.